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The Commercial Cleanerz Services

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Commercial Cleaning Services

The Commercial Cleanerz is able to tailor a cleaning solution to suit the needs of every client regardless of how large or small. Specialising in commercial highrise office tower cleaning in the Melbourne CBD, we have over large staff operating in the CBD area on a daily basis. This enables us to provide our clients with a solid support network, giving our clients the peace of mind that we are only minutes away, should we be required. All our equipment is stored within the CBD meaning our response times are the best in the business. Additional staff, such as dedicated day cleaners and bathroom cleaners are available at your request. These on-site staff allow faster response to emergency situations as well as constantly maintaining the professional and hygienic state of your office environment throughout office hours.

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Roof and Gutters Cleaning

The Commercial Cleanerz are professional cleaning service includes full gutter and downpipe cleaning. We utilize high tech Vacuum systems that assist in us delivering a high quality service. We can help you with : Clear grass and debris from the entire roof Install downpipe strainers which can help to reduce the need of frequent gutter cleaning Repair broken tiles whilst on site either replacing old for new or by simply performing some minor waterproofing repairs Relocating nests that have decided to make your roof and gutters a home. Roof and gutter reports can be issued at a low cost. These reports are fantastic for people who would like to gain a more comprehensive status on the health of their gutters and or roof. Cut back any overhanging tree branches to reduce the need of gutter cleaning

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Vinyl Floor Services

What is strip and sealing ? The same as we paint our walls, to not only make them look good we do this to also try to protect the plasterboard underneath from minor damage. Strip & sealing works on a similar principal. Strip and sealing is simply removing the old sealer from the floors surface and laying new coats of sealer to the floor in several layers. This is done in order to protect the vinyl from minor damage caused by wear & tear and to also keep them looking good.

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Our cleaning service ensures that your kitchen operates in a clean and safe manner. The Commercial Cleanerz team is prepared to help you keep your hood and exhaust properly maintained. Improperly maintained hoods can directly impact the safety of your employees and customers and turn your workplace into a fire hazard. Our team acknowledges this be ensuring that your entire kitchen exhaust system is cleaned properly through and thorough, and without taking any short cuts. A well-maintained kitchen is a safe and healthy one. We clean out the flammable grease from your entire system, which reduces the chances of fire and damage to your equipment and property. Our services in restaurant hood cleaning and system maintenance will add years to the life of your equipment.

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Carpet Deep Steam and Upholstery Cleaning

Pro Carpet Cleaning Services for your Home or Office The Commercial Cleanerz provide a full range of Carpet maintenance services. This ranges from programmed carpet shampooing services through to disaster recovery services. Micro bacterial treatments can be performed to eliminate mould from developing in carpets. Potential health effects and symptoms associated with mould exposures include allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory complaints. These treatments will also prevent odours caused by certain moulds and bacteria. All carpet cleaning services are carried out by professionally trained personelle using environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

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Windows Cleaning Services

Sparkling windows are just as important as well-maintained furniture, spotless floors and clean doors in your offices, as it can affect customers’ image of your business. If you want to make a lasting, positive impression on them, you will need to ensure that your windows are as clean and shiny as possible. At the same time, a clean and tidy working environment will ensure that your employees are much more productive and efficient. If you need your windows cleaned, you just need to call The Commercial Cleanerz. Our customers rely on us because they know that we can clean windows super quick and super clean. We understand the importance of working discreetly in a place where business is conducted and will therefore take care to ensure that you and your staff are not distracted or interrupted while we work our magic on your windows. They probably won’t even notice our cleaners’ presence, but they are sure to enjoy the new, clear view from their sparkling windows thereafter.

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Melbourne Clean Services

Welcome to Commercial Cleanerz

Here at The Commercial Cleanerz, we are a family owned and operated business and have been in business since 2013. When we stated out, we were working in St. Albans then started providing services all over Victoria from Dandenong to Greensborough.

All of our staff are full qualified, have lots of previous experience and are very punctual. Our staff has great availability which could work for anyone day or night, we're there. We have all the proper qualifications for general cleaning but specialise in commercial cleaning such as office cleaning.

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In our line of work we take cleaning serious, when we leave we want your area to sparkle.

Tested and Tagged Safe Equipment

Commercial Cleanerz cares about your safety, we have our equipment check regularly to avoid any accidents in the work place.

Environment Friendly

We use nothing but the best environmentally friendly chemicals.